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Coast News Article, About Kind Health

Coast News Article

“I love practicing medicine with every fiber of my being,” Nanos said, a phrase she uses often.

“It’s a privilege to walk through all aspects of people’s lives with them and connect with them and help them with their health challenges.”

Nanos is a family doctor who has been practicing in San Diego for the last 15 years, and in Encinitas for the last 12 of those. She recently opened the doors to the Kind Health Group, “a modern medical practice created for those wanting more from their medical experience.”

“For the last decade or so I’ve been working in a traditional family practice with a large prominent and wonderful group,” she said. While she has always loved her work, she found challenges in the current health care system.

“The nature of health care today is very reactive,” Nanos said. “You only go to the doctor if you are sick or something is wrong. You might wait an hour or more for a 10-minute visit. They are brief encounters.”

Nanos and Kind Health Group are offering an alternative to what she calls the “reactive” model with the launch of Kind Connected Care. “As doctors in traditional practices we try to make an impact, but it’s hard,” she said. “The system doesn’t allow us to help people be proactive when it comes to their health. What Kind Connected Care does is focuses on prevention and overall health.”

Kind Connected Care is a subscription-based model that centers on a connection between patient and health care provider. “We take a very comprehensive health history and do extensive lab and genetic testing,” Nanos said. “Whether you’re fortunate enough to have great health or have a long, complicated history of disease we want to help you enjoy a long healthy life.”

The team at Kind Health Group works together to educate and treat patients about their health from the inside out. “We teach our patients about living a better lifestyle, about nutrition and better habits,” Nanos said. “We are able to fill the spaces in between what our current system addresses. We go beyond annual exams and place a high value on the time spent with our patients.” Nanos believes more time forging relationships with patients allows for better opportunities to solve complex medical problems.

“We have fewer patients than a traditional practice so it’s easier to get an appointment, the appointments are longer and they are more comprehensive,” she said. “In addition, we offer a variety of ways to communicate with our staff and practitioners, including text messaging and video conferencing.”

While there are other membership model practices in the area, Kind Health Group offers aesthetic and cosmetic services which is something you won’t find anywhere else. “For some people, looking good is as important as feeling good,” Nanos said. “And there is nothing wrong with that. I strongly believe that if people choose to get those services, I want them to be in the highest quality setting. We have a highly experienced and talented team and the most advanced technology in the market today. We’ve brought it all together under one roof.”

The Kind Health Group team is happy to be serving North County, and Nanos loves practicing in Encinitas. “I love it here,” she said. “There are so many different kinds of people. The vibe is laidback and people don’t take themselves too seriously. I like to laugh, and we always have a good time here.”

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