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I’ve felt depressed and anxious for more than half of my life due to childhood trauma growing up and everything I’ve ever put myself through as an adolescent/adult. I’ve been on a few anti-depressants throughout my life, and they did help for some time. However, I usually just felt numb and was never able to feel any emotion or truly explain how I felt. Also, when I was low, I felt extremely low, and it was hard for me to get out feeling that way. It affected my work, sleep, and personal relationships. The accelerate TMS experience at the Kind office always made me feel safe. After my first TMS treatment, I felt more emotional than usual. I remember getting in my car and just crying. I didn’t necessarily feel sad, just emotional and hopeful at the same time. The second day of treatment I felt euphorically happy. Third day, I felt a little more annoyed that usual and exhausted. The fourth and fifth day, I was exhausted but felt happy again and extremely grateful.

Health coaching really worked well along with the treatment. It gave me a chance to explain how I was feeling but also just talk about things I haven’t spoken about in a while. I got to meet with both health coaches and they both gave me different advice on different things which helped. Agnes gave me advice on some gut health diet to help with my brain health as well. Then, I got to speak with Michelle a few times to talk about overall feelings and emotions. She gave me a few tips on how to better manage stress and emotional situations. Kind offers extra support other than just the treatment to break old habits and I think that’s the main key to reset your brain and look at things in a more positive outcome.

These days, I am feeling GREAT! I used to have such a hard time being motivated for things and now I feel like it comes more naturally. Like I said before, I feel more motivated and happier to do things. My mood has completely changed, and I feel like I’m finally putting a real smile on my face rather than just the one to hide certain things. I also feel like I’ve been showing up for myself more and taking care of my own mental health. I always put others’ feelings before mine and recently I’ve noticed I’ve put myself first without even thinking about it.

I’m excited to not have to be on medication for the rest of my life and to be able to feel every emotion without letting it get the best of me.

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