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TMS Patient Testimonial 2

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I decided to do accelerated TMS because I had no options left.  I have had severe depression my entire life with countless suicide attempts starting at age 8. I've always struggled with being visible in public spaces and had lost job after job strictly due to my anxiety. I was at a point where I was too afraid to go outside during the day so I would only work night shifts and shop at stores after three o'clock in the morning.

After begging my parents to just let me die, I had the opportunity to start accelerated TMS treatment as an alternative. I was reluctant, but after doing some research decided I would try it. I went into it thinking that this was my last hope and that after it didn't work, I would feel justified to say I tried everything so that my family could not hold it against me.

The daily experience was kind of all over the place. I couldn't keep my mind from diving back in the long-lost memories of people and places I thought that I'd let go of. It felt like I was reliving my life but getting an opportunity to reframe everything in a more neutral or positive light. It was really exhausting but felt like the closure I didn't even know I needed.

TMS feels like when you're when your eye twitches but really big. After a while it kind of felt relaxing though, more like a massage.

The health coaching was really incredible. The coaches were so warm and insightful. They really listened when they needed it most. Being able to be there in between treatments made for the best counseling I think I've ever received. They were so welcoming and nonjudgmental and were able to give me advice that has helped me really turn my life in the right direction.

A few weeks out from the treatment I feel like a completely new person. I cannot remember a time in my life where I wasn't depressed. But now I can't even find that part of me. I still get really anxious about going into public spaces but it's only a bump in the road instead of an obstacle that would have made me give up before even trying. It’s as if the world has opened up and I feel like I have to make up for lost time.

I just want to go out and see what's possible now. I'm even looking into getting a sailboat and traveling when before I didn't even want to leave my bed. More than anything I just can't believe I actually get to live my life the way that I've always wanted to. 

I would recommend this treatment to my worst enemies. I really think everybody should get the opportunity that I was lucky enough to experience. It truly saved my life and I think anybody could benefit from being freed from their negative feedback loops. it's not fair that so few people even know about it let alone have access.

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