Meet Our Team

5 Team Members
  • Dr. Georgine Nanos

    Dr. Georgine Nanos

    Medical Director

    Dr. Georgine Nanos is a board-certified family practitioner and CEO of Kind Health Group in San Diego, and has been in practice for over ten years.

  • Annie Clark

    Annie Clark

    Director of Health &Wellness

    Annie Clark serves as our wonderful Director of Health & Wellness. who works closely with men and women who desire a holistic method to better health.

  • Angie Lake-Castellanos

    Angie Lake-Castellanos

    Director of Operations

    Angie Lake-Castellanos is our director of operations who works diligently to ensure the integrity of our brand and high-quality service.

  • Jackie Bischmann

    Jackie Bischmann

    Director of Aesthetic Medicine

    Jackie Bischmann is our director of aesthetic care and a seasoned registered nurse who helps patients attain their best look through cosmetic care.

  • April DeMaggio

    April DeMaggio

    Advanced Clinical Practitioner

    April DeMaggio serves as our advanced clinical practitioner at Kind Health Group and works effortlessly to provide men and women with quality service.