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Kind Health Group offers women and men numerous nonsurgical procedures for skin rejuvenation. Dysport is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that works similarly to BOTOX to reduce and soften dynamic lines and wrinkles on the face. Dynamic wrinkles are formed by recurrent facial movements and expressions (like smiling, laughing, and frowning) that over time make the facial muscles tight. This causes the overlying skin to have a furrowed line that is visible even when your face is relaxed. Dysport is uniquely designed to address one of the most common dynamic wrinkles: the frown lines that show up as vertical lines between the eyebrows. It temporarily softens the muscle so the dynamic wrinkle is smoother, but with natural-looking results that don't give you a "frozen" face. Learn more about Dysport wrinkle relaxer injections at Kind Health Group to help you look refreshed.