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  • Same day appointments Monday through Friday typically between 9-5pm. Your Kind Health Group provider will be available for after-hours visits on as needed basis if medically indicated. We will be available by email and telephone after office hours. Contact us by phone if there is an urgent problem. Our staff or answering service answer the phone 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
  • Health Coaching
    • In-person or virtual visits once month for up to one hour. May be done in office, on beach walk or at local grocery store.
    • Messaging between visits as needed to provide support and accountability.
  • Organization and review of historic and outside medical records
  • Use of electronic medical records to help keep Patient’s preventive services up to date and track referrals, labs, imaging reports until results are available
  • To provide comprehensive primary care medicine via phone, portal messaging, and telemedicine. Not all conditions can be handled with these indirect methods and the Patient may be asked to make an in-person appointment.

Office care and minor procedures, as medically indicated:

  • Dipstick urinalysis
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • EKG with interpretation
  • Pap smears *
  • One at home lab draw annually for: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid NMR, A1C
  • Rapid strep test
  • Injections: Steroids, Antibiotics, Toradol, Vitamin B12
  • Nebulizer treatment
  • IV fluids
  • Stitches for cuts
  • Skin biopsies *
  • Vaccine/medication administration (other than listed above, does NOT include price of medication unless otherwise stated)

*Patient will be responsible for the laboratory fee for reading the sample


  • Anything not specifically listed as a Covered Service shall be a non-covered service.
  • Any health care services not performed on or within the premises of Kind Health Group, including emergency room visits, hospital stays, specialist care, imaging and labs, etc.
  • Vaccines/medications not listed above
  • Medical tests not performed in the office (actual “reading” of pap smears for example) • Durable medical equipment (braces, splints, etc.)
  • Aesthetic services received at Kind Health Group are billed separately and not included in this membership.