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Cyst Removal in Encinitas, CA

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What is a Cyst?

Cysts are relatively common among the general population and are, in most cases, noncancerous. They appear as round growths, typically pea-sized initially, on the face or body and generally comprise dead skin. Cysts can grow anywhere on the body and in all sizes and shapes. Although most cysts do not cause pain or harm, some may grow to become problematic for patients. Bigger cysts should typically be removed and sent for evaluation. Our Encinitas, CA practice, Kind Health Group, treats various types of cysts and can offer a proper diagnosis and treatment strategy according to your medical requirements and history.

What causes cyst to form?

Severe infection, tumors, and significant illness or disease are a few conditions that may cause cysts to grow. Cysts can also develop around a foreign body or piercing within the outer skin, like earrings, or as the result of a clogged oil gland. Even though the majority of cysts are benign, some might be cancerous. 

Symptoms of a Cyst

Generally, cysts are detected through an abnormal lump beneath the skin. Some cysts may be painful, particularly if they get inflamed or ruptured. Another symptom associated with cysts is the hardening of the skin close to the cyst. Larger cysts may lead to the movement of organs, bodily disfigurement, and psychological distress. Small cysts, the most common type, often do not have any notable symptoms or other indications.

cyst removal

Kind Health Group can carefully and precisely excise or remove the cyst to prevent future growth or concern. After removing the cyst, we will send it to be tested to ensure that it is, in fact, benign. If cancer cells are detected, a member of our team will follow up with you to help you plan further treatment steps. 

Treatment for cysts

If you have a cyst and are in search of treatment options, contact Kind Health Group to schedule a cyst removal with a member of our team. A comprehensive physical exam will be given, and a treatment plan will be recommended for effective removal. Cysts often cause unnecessary stress, so we encourage anyone who's feeling worried about a growth under the skin to seek answers during a consultation at our Encinitas, CA office.

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