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Keloid Treatment in Encinitas, CA

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What is a Keloid?

A keloid is a type of scar that does not heal as expected following an injury to the skin. While keloids are usually no cause for concern, many people decide to have them treated or removed for aesthetic reasons or to alleviate the discomfort that the scar may be causing. Our medical team at Kind Health Group in Encinitas, CA, offers safe and effective keloid treatment and removal. Several techniques can be used, including excision, resurfacing, and laser. A Kind Health Group team member will examine your scar during your consultation to determine which approach will most benefit your unique situation.

Ideal Candidates

Keloid removal is ideal for patients who have an uncomfortable or undesirable scar. It is commonly performed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Those who most benefit from the procedure typically:

  • Are dealing with chronic skin irritation
  • Desire the removal of a keloid
  • Feel self-conscious about the appearance of their scar
  • Have a keloid in a prominent area on the body, such as the cheeks, hands, nose, or chin

Procedure Technique

Keloid treatment or removal procedures are simple and can be performed with a local anesthetic in our minor procedure room. The technique chosen will be based on the keloid's location, depth, and size. Some may be treated easily with laser treatment, but others may require excision for removal. The removal method that is ideal for you will be discussed during your initial consult. The Kind Health Group team will seek the best possible aesthetic outcome despite the approach.

What to Expect

Following your procedure, the treatment area may feel slightly sore or tender. These symptoms typically begin to subside within a week. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to minimize discomfort. If you received sutures, you should avoid washing or rubbing the stitches and follow all post-treatment instructions from our team. Typically, the skin will scab and heal in 2 – 3 weeks following the procedure when instructions are appropriately followed.

Remove Skin Lesions

Keloid scars can cause insecurities and irritation. Kind Health Group in Encinitas, CA, can help restore your appearance with a quick and easy keloid treatment. Call our office today to arrange a consultation for more information about this treatment. We will discuss all of your options during your consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for one of these procedures.

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