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Kind Connected Care, led by award winning, Georgine Nanos, MD, MPH, is a dynamic new model of concierge healthcare emphasizing the power of prevention through nutrition, mental health and communication.

Years of Experience
Lives Changed

Enhanced Primary Care Services

Delivering exceptional, personalized care focused on prevention and healthy living so that your time with your doctor is no longer just about being sick.

  • Annual Comprehensive Health Exam 

  • Skype Visits

  • Text Messaging

  • Lab Draws At Home or Office

  • Mental Health Support & Education

  • Monthly Health Coaching Visits

A personal approach to family healthcare.

Our current healthcare system only allows for patients to meet with their providers for a short period of time. This can leave  both the patient and physician frustrated when there are complex medical issues that need to be solved.

We take the time to focus on our connection with our patients, no matter what their age.

We treat patients of all ages from pediatrics through adulthood and into geriatrics. We offer an authentic and compassionate patient experience that is unparalleled to most family care providers. Many of our patients visit our office with all generations of the family.

Kind Health strongly believes in the power of preventative care and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices.

Whether you are an existing patient needing to schedule an appointment or new patient in need of a family doctor, please contact us to continue a path of improved health.

Keep Dr. Nanos in your back pocket

As a member of our concierge wellness platform, you will always be connected.

Concierge Medicine

Anytime connection to your physician

Additional Services

  • Exercise Education & Support

  • Nutritional Guidance Plan

  • Meal Planning and Facilitation

  • Cooking Classes

  • Additional Health Coaching

  • Home Visit CNA

  • Group Tours

  • In-Home Medication Delivery

  • Hospital & Skilled Nursing Facility Transportation Support

  • Home RN/Rx

  • Physical Trainer Visits, In Home

  • Additional Mental Health Education & Support Program

  • RN Services (Beyond Plan Coverage)

  • In-Home Chef Service

  • Medical Planning Services

Georgine Nanos, MD, MPH

  • Board certified in family medicine
  • Founder and CEO of Kind Health Group
  • Practicing medicine for over 15 years
  • Award winning Physician

Dr. Nanos obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University followed by Doctor of Medicine degree at George Washington University. She completed her internship and residency at UCSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

A subscription model like Kind Health Group’s limits the patient panel to a much small number of subscribing patients. Free of insurance restrictions and restraints, Kind Health Group can more freely and fully connect with patients to either try to prevent the avoidable medical problems, or to more effectively manage medical problems. Ideally, high-connection subscription practices can save patients money in the long term by more effectively managing care before illness, focusing on prevention and then better managing illness when it arrives.

Both concierge medicine and direct primary care strive to improve the experience you have at the doctor’s office by making care more personal and taking more time to listen. We believe that a trusting relationship between you and your doctor is the key to better healthcare.  Communication is at the center of care, not drugs or tests. The direct primary care model allows us to do what we love and do it well: spend time with patients to understand the root cause of their problems. The better we know you the better care we can give you.

Yes.  Kind Connected Care is NOT an insurance plan.  Your membership fees cover primary care services and health coaching but don’t cover major surgery or hospitalizations.  In general, direct primary care concierge practices can pair well with high deductible health plans. We recommend you consult an insurance broker to decide what plan is best you.

$300 per month

You can simply call, email or text us and we promptly respond. If you need an appointment you will be seen the same day or next day. Though you will have minimal waiting time in our office, we provide a friendly and comfortable environment where you always feel welcome and supported by everyone on our staff.

We recommend consultation with your tax expert, we are not tax experts. That said, we believe that the monthly subscription fee could be potentially eligible for HSA/FSA/HRA funding but you need to confer with your tax expert to confirm this. Please do not rely on our understanding but secure more formal guidance on that issue.

We believe that having a trusting relationship with your primary doctor is important, even if you are healthy.  We offer health coaching to help you continue to improve your health.  Should you ever get sick, we will be there to guide you.

Absolutely!  We believe that our services are highly valuable to Medicare-eligible people. Our model allows us more time to listen to you and to coordinate your care with your other providers and caregivers.

Yes.  We accept patients without any limits on pre-existing conditions.

If you decide to cancel, it’s easy, you just let us know.  We ask for 30 days cancellation notice.

Yes!  We can always arrange for a secure video-chat if medically appropriate. If we can use our tele-health services to help save you a trip to the office, we most definitely will.

The great thing about your primary doctor having more time, is that your we can solve more of your problems. In our model, we can manage most of your healthcare needs.  We have long standing relationships with the top specialists and experts in our area and around the country. This extensive network and close collaboration allows our patients to receive more comprehensive care while avoiding unnecessary and inconvenient referrals to specialists.  When specialty care is needed, we will communicate carefully and consistently with specialists to be sure you receive an appropriate consult.

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