Kind Connected Care

Kind Connected Care

We value time spent with our patients – we value it so much that we decided to take healthcare into our own hands – offering you Kind Connected Care. Take control of your health now.


Kind Connected Care

Led by award winning Dr. Georgine Nanos, Kind Connected Care is the Family Wellness Practice division of Kind Health Group.

Kind Connected Care is a dynamic new model of healthcare emphasizing the power of preventive care through nutrition, mental health and physical care. Until now, the healthcare you have typically been receiving is geared toward reacting to problems as they arise rather than being proactive and trying to anticipate them before they come up. There is only so much that can be achieved in periodic “sick care” visits lasting 10 to 15 minutes a few times a year. It is in all the space in between where I hope to make a bigger difference in your life.

It is a program designed to have a relationship with your physician and feel comfortable in the way that you are medically treated. Which alleviates the constraints of a traditional practice in which patients have a short amount of time to express all of their health concerns is not practical and does not bode well for the patient or physician.

It’s a boutique medical practice which offers concierge medicine and aesthetic/cosmetic services. High end primary care meets luxury med-spa under one roof!

Years of Experience
Lives Changed

Enhanced Primary Care Services

Delivering exceptional, personalized care focused on prevention and healthy living so that your time with your doctor is no longer just about being sick.

  • Annual Comprehensive Health Exam – Routinely available annually not based on medical necessity to maintain ongoing health goals assessment, with ongoing electronic and in-office communication support toward tracking and meeting health goals

  • Epigenetic Analysis

  • Monthly Skype Visits

  • Text Messaging

  • Comprehensive Lab Draws, At Home or Office

  • Mental Health Support & Education

  • Monthly Health Coach Visit

The customized and personal approach to family healthcare.

Our current healthcare system only allows for patients to meet with their providers for a short period of time and leaves both the patient and physician frustrated. Kind Health Group is a different type of practice that offers Kind Connected Care – where we focus on our connection with you.

Kind Health Group Connected Care treats patients of all ages from pediatrics through adulthood and into geriatrics. We offer an authentic and compassionate patient experience that is unparalleled to most family care providers. Many of our patients visit our office with all generations of the family. Kind Health is committed to and strongly believes in the power of preventative care and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices. Placing a high value on time spent between doctor and patient, Kind Health Group, led by Dr. Nanos, believes more time forging this relationship allows for better opportunities to solve complex medical problems.

Whether you are an existing patient needing to schedule an appointment or new patient in need of a family doctor, please contact us to continue a path of improved health.

Contact us for more information regarding Kind Connected Care at Kind Health Group.

Keep Dr. Nanos in your back pocket

For anything that may come up – whether it’s a question or an emergency, you will always be connected.

Online Scheduling, Payment, Refill Conveniences

Anytime connection to your health record

Additional Services

  • Exercise Education & Support

  • Nutritional Guidance Plan

  • Meal Planning and Facilitation

  • Cooking Classes

  • Additional Health Coaching

  • Home Visit CNA

  • Group Tours

  • In-Home Medication Delivery

  • Hospital & Skilled Nursing Facility Transportation Support

  • Home RN/Rx

  • Physical Trainer Visits, In Home

  • Additional Mental Health Education & Support Program

  • RN Services (Beyond Plan Coverage)

  • In-Home Chef Service

  • Medical Planning Services

Membership Discounts

Laser Services



Dr. Georgine Nanos, MD, MPH

Dr. Nanos is board certified in Family Medicine, Founder and CEO of Kind Health Group, and has been practicing medicine for over 15 years. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University followed by Doctor of Medicine degree at George Washington University. Dr. Nanos completed her internship and residency at UCSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we are for better or worse in a national health system where both public and private plans ask patients to contribute personally already in the form of co-payments and deductibles. Medicare is 80/20, and even Medicare eligibles with MediGap coverage have co-payments and deductibles. So, generally speaking, we know that patients will have more out-of-pocket costs as their need for medical intervention increases.

Plan-based healthcare by necessity focuses on medical necessity to then trigger medical services. That means healthcare is mostly doled out based on the level of medical need. What happens before medical need? Not much. There are some preventative services offered, which is great, but, those alone can’t create the kind of connected care Dr. Nanos practices.

A subscription model like Dr. Nanos’s practice, on the other hand, limits the patient panel to a much small number of subscribing patients. Free of plan medical necessity restrictions and restraints, Dr. Nanos and her practice staff can more freely and fully connect with patients to either try to avoid the avoidable medical problems, or, to more effectively manage medical problems. Ideally, high-connection subscription practices can over time actually save patients money by more effectively managing care before illness, avoiding what can be avoided, and then better managing illness when it arrives.

Second, what patient private fees purchase are additional services not covered by plans. The essential private fee services is the Annual Comprehensive Exam, which is a wholebody/epigenetic/total health exam delivered every year regardless of medical condition or necessity. While Medicare does cover a Welcome To Medicare Physical, and provide an Annual Wellness Visit, and private plans often cover more limited preventative annual physicals, Dr. Nanos’s Annual Comprehensive Exam constitutes a much more comprehensive examination. And, that examination is focused not just on looking for illness, but also on establishing overall health goals and connecting those goals to specific areas of focus: nutrition, exercise, mental health, epigenetics. Plus, unlike more limited private plan physicals, or Medicare services, the Dr. Nanos annual exam includes health coaching and Skype visits to maintain durable and persistent communication connection with patients all year to help patients reach their health goals, and to answer those health questions that are often hard to get answered by medical practices absent a scheduled office visit.

Dr. Nanos will provide plan covered care and bill plans to the extent she is in-network. She is Medicare participatory and in-network with PPO plans. She is not able to assist HMO patients or Medicaid patients due to state laws that restrict private fee healthcare services for those patients. Dr. Nanos will never bill a plan for her private fee Annual Comprehensive Exam. But, should a patient desire a plan-covered exam on some other date or time, and Dr. Nanos believes that could be helpful, she will on a different date/time provide a plan-covered exam. But she believes her Annual Comprehensive Exam and related communication support is sufficient to provide strong annual health guidance.

No, your private fees do not cover plan-covered services. Medically indicated and necessary diagnosis and treatment will be billed to the applicable plan to the extent Dr. Nanos is in-network.

With private direct practices like Dr. Nanos’s Kind Connected Care where patients subscribe with private fees for an annual exam and related communication connection, many if not most office visits are actually more about achieving health goals based on the exam and are less typically a medically indicated evaluation and management of illness. If you truly have a medically indicated need for evaluation and management of illness, that will be billed to plans. But if the fundamental basis of the office visit is to further advance your annual exam health goals, there will not be any plan or additional charges related to those visits.

No! Because this practice is serving a limited number of subscribing patients, by the mere size of the practice you will find that you will not have any problems scheduling office visits or communicating quickly and easily with our practice. Frankly any primary care medical practice with a limited patient panel would have a much easier time with visit scheduling, with office visits not requiring long waits or delays. The communication connection level will be very high and you will not experience long waits or delays to see Dr. Nanos due to the limited number of subscribing patients.

You’ll need to consult with your tax expert, we are not tax experts! That said, we believe that the monthly subscription fee for the health data/communication data plan, and, the annual comprehensive exam as a diagnostic physical exam, should both be potentially eligible for HSA/FSA/HRA funding but you need to confer with your tax expert to confirm this. Please do not rely on our understanding but secure more formal guidance on that issue.

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