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TMS Testimonial #3

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Testimonial #3 for Kind Health Group


Speaker 1:
What made me decide to do TMS is I knew that there were things in my life that I wanted to change. I suffer from high levels of anxiety and PTSD from past traumatic events that have occurred in my life.

And when Dr. Nanos invited me to participate in the TMS, I was skeptical at first. However, I knew that anything that she was going to bring to her practice, she put thought, research, diligence, dedication into. And I, after giving it thought, decided to change my schedule and make the priority to come into the office to start the treatment.

The TMS was a little uncomfortable. However, as each day progressed, it got much easier. The actual treatment does not hurt at all.

The experience I had with the health coach was instrumental. These are things that I honestly have realized about myself, like my confidence issues, just self-awareness, not being able to look in a mirror, I know that I suffer with these issues. However, the health coaches helping me see myself in a different light, that I am beautiful, that I am smart, and that life is precious and worth living.

So, the TMS treatment, a few weeks out, I'll share with you, I experienced a few incidences in my life that brought grief through the death of a beloved pet. I took a vacation, had a joyful period after her death. However, I don't think I recognized, and really now I am starting to realize that I have more clarity, I have more focus. I am looking at things differently, in more of a positive way. I am a positive person by nature, but it's something about how I feel inside that's emanating and changing just how I feel about myself.

I feel that TMS has been a huge component in that change for me, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. I'm starting to look over the peak in the summit. I've felt a little buried, but I'm looking over the peak and I'm really excited about that.