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Welcome to Kind Health Group

Lead by Dr. Georgine Nanos MD, MPH, board-certified family physician with advanced epidemiology and public health training. She founded Kind Health Group to bring exceptional care to all her patients.

Kind Health believes listening to each individual story and building a deep personal connection is the most rewarding part of medicine and the best way to get to the root cause of many complex medical issues. Dr. Nanos and her team are proud to serve San Diego County with a unique and dynamic model of healthcare designed to meet all of your medical needs. We want you to feel your best, both inside and out.


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Meet Dr. Nanos MD, MPH

Dr. Georgine Nanos MD, MPH is a board-certified family physician specializing in epidemiology, the science of how diseases are spread, making her an expert source for information regarding COVID-19. Since the pandemic has begun Dr. Nanos has been featured on local news broadcasts daily and has been a contributor in numerous national news articles regarding COVID-19. With a track record of providing primary care for over 17 years in Encinitas CA, Dr. Nanos has been recognized as one of San Diego’s “Top Doctors” for nine consecutive years.

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Events and Specials

In addition to all of our amazing services, Kind Health Group hosts beauty and wellness events, informational seminars, and private parties! Learn more about our upcoming events and current promotions.

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Health Coaching

A unique lifestyle program that motivates clients to meet their individualized health and wellness goals. Your coach provides ongoing support and guidance through sustainable behavioral changes.

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"TMS feels like when you're when your eye twitches but really big. After a while it kind of felt relaxing though, more like a massage. The health coaching was really incredible. The coaches were so warm and insightful. They really listened when they needed it most. Being able to be there in between treatments made for the best counseling I think I've ever received. They were so welcoming and nonjudgmental and were able to give me advice that has helped me really turn my life in the right direction."


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"I’m excited to not have to be on medication for the rest of my life and to be able to feel every emotion without letting it get the best of me.After my first TMS treatment, I felt more emotional than usual. I remember getting in my car and just crying. I didn’t necessarily feel sad, just emotional and hopeful at the same time. The second day of treatment I felt euphorically happy. Third day, I felt a little more annoyed that usual and exhausted. The fourth and fifth day, I was exhausted but felt happy again and extremely grateful."


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"Kind Health Group always provides me with the best care I could hope for. The staff is patient-centered, compassionate, and accommodating. And Dr. Nanos is an expert physician and caregiver. Those are qualities that are unfortunately hard to find in every doctor."



"Kelly is amaxing ,she goes above and beyond, thank you!"



"Dr. Nanos and her staff are wonderful. Everyone in her office is caring, compassionate, and extremely patient."




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Our Office, Our Home

We are proud to boast a state-of-the-art facility that offers a peaceful and inviting atmosphere where patients can feel safe and relaxed as they undergo treatment. Our spa-like office is exceptionally decorated to resemble a tranquil seaside bungalow. Our facility features private treatment rooms and the latest cosmetic technologies so we can provide patients with the best experience and service possible. We invite you to tour our office in Encinitas, CA to learn more.

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