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Three Things to Avoid After Microneedling Treatment

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 09/22/2022

Microneedling in Encinitas can manage a variety of cosmetic concerns like fine lines and sun damage. Learn what to avoid after microneedling here.


Tighten and Sculpt Your Abs In No Time With EMSCULPT® Treatment

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 08/26/2022

Want to increase muscle tone without going to the gym? Learn how EMSCULPT in Encinitas can create a six-pack without invasive surgery.


Give Your Sex Drive a Boost With the EMSELLA® Chair

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 07/24/2022

Erectile dysfunction can make sexual intercourse with a partner difficult. Read about EMSELLA in Encinitas and how it may restore your sex drive.


When Will My Redness Diminish After Microneedling Treatment?

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 06/26/2022

Side effects from microneedling, such as redness, will diminish just a few hours after your treatment to help fix your skin issues.


Achieve Your Dream Body Over A Series of Treatments With EMSCULPT

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 05/27/2022

EMSCULPT has helped many patients with fat accumulation in the stomach, thighs, and more. See how EMSCULPT creates your dream body at our clinic.


Can Microneedling Treatment Be Used On Wrinkly Facial Skin?

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 04/30/2022

Think your skin is too wrinkled for microneedling? Think again! Discover the benefits of microneedling for older skin here.


Will Emsella Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 03/31/2022

Emsella helps treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in an easy, effective, virtually painless way that’s noninvasive and requires no downtime.


Enhance Your Workout Routine With the Help of EMSCULPT® Body Contouring

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 02/12/2022

EMSCULPT is a body contouring treatment that helps you build muscle in no time at all! Learn how EMSCULPT can improve your workout routine at the gym.


Will Microneedling Treatment Improve My Skin Tone?

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 01/25/2022

Microneedling can reduce the appearance of sun damage and create a more even skin tone. Learn about this advanced form of skin rejuvenation here.


How Can Women Benefit From Emsella?

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 12/28/2021

Do you suffer from bladder leakage and urinary incontinence? Now, women can improve their health with help from Emsella at our cutting-edge clinic.


Lot’s Blooming here at Kind Health Group!

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 04/10/2019

Spring has finally sprung in North County. What does this mean for us at Kind Health Group?


Informative Women’s Health and Beauty Event

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 03/12/2019

This event was designed to empower local women with offering advice on how to maintain and optimize their health, beauty and overall wellness.


Mona Lisa Touch Education Night With Dr. Georgine Nanos

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 01/25/2019

Join us for a night of education and learn more about the treatment that patients have called “life-changing”.


Self Care

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 05/28/2018

Meet Katelyn McCullough. She is a young entrepreneur who has devoted herself to building a self care empire.


Coast News Article, About Kind Health

Dr. Georgine Nanos | 01/06/2018

Dr. Georgine Nanos of Kind Health Group has qualities that make her an excellent friend and exceptional doctor. Read what Coast News had to say.


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